6 Things To Remember When Planning a Vacation to India


India is number 6 in the world’s top countries rich in tradition and culture. It is a must-visit destination for any traveler.

I mean, I enjoy my weekly dinner at an Indian restaurant across the street, but imagine having one from the Motherland! You can’t get enough of that.

India is also known for having beautiful temples, religion, and culture. Being part of that is an amazing experience.

I know you have been thinking about visiting India. Whether this is going to be your first visit or a return visit, there are things you need to know when planning a vacation trip to India.

Let’s have a look at some of them;

1.  Budgeting

The first thing to do before traveling is laying down your budget.

When budgeting, consider;

  • How much money you’re willing to spend on vacation.
  • Places you’re planning to visit
  • Transportation means
  • accommodation fee
  • Activity fee
  • Food (have extra money on this because you will never get enough of Indian cuisine.)

If you’re not so good at budgeting you may consider working with a vacation agency.  they are good at breaking down travelling costs and for the holiday season you might just end up getting an unbeatable discount.

To save you off a few coins in traveling you may want to consider traveling with a travel agency.

There are so many benefits of working with a travel agency. First, you’ll be guided through better travel recommendations and you will get assistance during your travel when you feel stuck.

If you’re considering working with a travel agency I suggest that you first visit US-reviews and get all the information you need about online all-inclusive vacation agencies.

It is much more convenient and easy to travel with an agency than planning your trip alone.

2.  Research

Before leaving for a vacation to India, do your research. I know for sure that before deciding you want to go to India you had a few ideas in mind.

The research should be very extensive and should at least cover the following;

  • Requirements to leave for India, i.e Visa
  • Flight information
  • Transportation traveling
  • The Coronavirus update in India
  • Current events in India
  • The mannerism of the local community
  • How to properly dress
  • Respectful ways of greeting
  • The security of the location you’re planning to stay
  • Emergency numbers

3.  Take safety precautions

As of 2021, the number of coronavirus infections in India is skyrocketing each day.

You should therefore do yourself a favor and get vaccinated not just against coronavirus but all other necessary vaccinations before travel.

You may also want to check if you have international medical insurance for travel insurance that may cover any medical emergency.

Minimize the number of luggage you’re carrying to reduce the cases of losing bags or being a target for robbery.

4.  Plan and Narrow down destinations

One thing about India is that it’s a very large country and there are a lot of activities and destinations you can visit.

Unless you relocate to India, you may just never visit every place you markup.

The places you choose to visit should be at our travelingproximity to each other and find it worthwhile to travel distance. If you are visiting New Delhi then the places to visit should be preferably within a city.

Narrowing down your destinations will help you save some extra money. Remember, you can always visit other places in India on your next vacation.

5.  Accommodations

India has a lot to offer from exotic resorts to affordable hotels. Where you choose to stay for the period of your vacation will depend on how much you have budgeted for.

The good thing is that with a travel agent or a vacation company, you may cost-friendly accommodation or a discount. All this information is available online.

Make prior arrangements on your means of accommodation before leaving home. It will prevent you from getting stranded in a foreign country.

Do your online search on hotels and accommodations in India.

6.  Plan activities

When planning your vacation to India, have a rough idea of what you are planning to do.

Some of the activities you may want to engage in India are;

  • Go on a rhino sporting Adventure in Kaziranga National Park.
  • Go on white water rafting.
  • Do an underwater walk
  • Get physical with paragliding in Goa.
  • Go for scuba diving.
  • Join monks for meditation

There are tons of other exciting activities to do in India that will make your vacation trip worthwhile.


You will only truly enjoy a vacation trip to India after making a proper plan. Stick to your budget, stay safe and live in the moment!