How to Make New Friends When Traveling

Often we feel foreign when we are in a place we rarely visit, this is very natural. However, it should be our best chance to gain experience and make new friends. Apart from enjoying natural wealth, the reason travelers like to travel is because they want to get more new experiences and new friends. Not infrequently they prefer to travel alone or also called solo traveling. One of the reasons they travel solo is because they are sure they will find new friends, both when they arrive at a tourist spot or on a trip. But still, there are some people who are not used to this style of traveling. Here are some ways to make new friends while traveling.

New Friends

Be Open with Others

Being open with others is the first key to making lots of friends, especially during the holidays. Sometimes people think who they meet on the road or at their destination is not too important because it is only a brief encounter. In fact, we will get a lot of things by having a lot of friends. It doesn’t matter if togetherness is short or not, what is certain is that we will get the benefits later on. So, change that mindset, try to open up to anyone you meet on your traveling trip.

Be Friendly

Under certain conditions, when interacting with anyone, anywhere and anytime, we are encouraged to be friendly, especially with people we don’t know. And what’s more, you have to do this when you are on a vacation or traveling trip. A friendly attitude will make things easier for you in carrying out holiday activities. One of the conveniences is that you can make new friends. How is it possible that people will empathize when you show an unfriendly attitude. So, try to be kind and friendly to anyone you meet on your way or at your destination.

Start with a Chat

Not everyone finds it easy to start a conversation with someone they don’t know. However, like it or not, you have to have the courage to start well. You don’t need to start with a heavy chat or discussion, just start with a greeting and a smile. When you have started a conversation, it will most likely start to flow the conversation between the next two of you. And you just need to start with a word of greeting. But you need to know that don’t talk too much about things that aren’t important or too heavy to discuss at the beginning of the introduction. And pay close attention to the expression of the person you are chatting with.

Often hangs out in the Lobby of the Lodging

If you stay at a hotel, the hotel lobby is the perfect place to make new friends. In general, people who stay at hotels will spend some time in the hotel lobby. The hotel lobby is the place most often visited by hotel residents. It is an opportunity for you to make new friends. It could be, in the hotel lobby you can find fellow travelers who have the same destination as you. Believe me, traveling with friends will be more fun, especially with new friends who have the same hobby, of course it will be more exciting.

Eat at Restaurants Around

Even if a hotel or other inn is facilitated by a restaurant, it’s better if you don’t use this facility. Because it will make you spend more time in the hotel room. This of course will reduce the meaning of the holiday. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy food outside, maybe one of them in restaurants around the hotel. In these restaurants or stalls, you can get many opportunities to meet new people.