Tips to Enjoy the Beauty of Bromo in a Day

Mount Bromo is the most famous area today. Mount Bromo is one of the most enjoyable vacation spots to visit. When you visit this tourist spot, you will see many facilities and infrastructure for tourists such as lodging and transportation. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Bromo, here are tips that you can use to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo in a day:

Finding out the Right Time

If you want visit Bromo Ijen Tour, then try to determine the right time to go there. Indeed, in general, Mount Bromo is a place that has the best beauty of the scenery it has. However, it would be better if you go there in a dry season. Visiting Mount Bromo during the dry season is considered to be the right time and suitable to enjoy the beauty of Bromo. This is because, in order not to be boring is to see the conditions or weather that is sunny and not cloudy. Weather or dry season, then you can see the beauty of the best and clearest sunrise there. As we all know that Mount Bromo has the main goal of showing beautiful views of the Sunrise.

Considering Transportation Hiring a Jeep or Not

Before you make a decision to use or rent a Jeep, then you have to find out where you will start your journey. This is because, departure from where will be the main point to find out how much it costs. Renting a Jeep is cheap. If you want to vacation with your family, or more than 4 people. However, if you only consist of two people, then renting a motorbike can make you feel more efficient. In general, the cost to rent a motorbike is quite cheap, maybe the price will not reach hundreds of rupiah. The price includes the cost for the gasoline. However, usually the price will go up during high season.

Stroll in the Whispering Sand

After the sun starts to rise, you can go by using a Jeep to go to a destination in the form of the Sand Sea. Visitors who visit there can enjoy the excitement there. A warning to you, where you want to visit there, so don’t forget to wear glasses or a scarf to keep your body warm. Because, the wind there is strong enough that the sand will float, and it is very likely that the sand will hit your eyes.

Visit Bromo Crater

In addition, you can also visit Ijen Tour. In this case, you can climb Mount Bromo first in order to arrive at a destination called Ijen Crater tour. But take it easy, because you don’t have to be afraid to climb there, and you also don’t have to think about how difficult it is to climb there. This is because, you will not have difficulty climbing, because when you are going up, you will see a complete ladder. This will make it easier for you, because the stairs are made of iron and can be used as your grip when climbing.